Blogging again!

After several years hiatus, I have resurrected MediaTrope. You can find the old posts here. I am repeating here what I wrote there because 1) I like it and 2) it still applies.

The Practice of MediaTroping

An ancient way of providing emphasis to chants, troping is alternatively an introduction, an invitation, a figure of speech, and a communion. Tropes encourage dialogue and drama, often in non-literal, lyrical, multimodal dimensions. A work in progress, MediaTrope shall be such a vehicle for media and technology news, with an emphasis on journalism. At times, the blog will act as clearinghouse, at times as aggregator for interesting media news. Once in a while, the blog will demonstrate rationality; most times, it will just be irritating as hell. I started it as a teaching tool for my journalism classes, but I’m hoping any and all will find incentive to jump into the fray, and attempt a little troping of their own. Feedback on blog content is always appreciated: Though I am associated with the university, I should note here that the views expressed here in no way represent the university or the School of Journalism & Mass Communication. So don’t blame them for anything you see here.

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