New info-flow research tools perhaps?

I’ve been thinking about the best way to capture information flow through social media. It’s a difficult task because of the networked nature of society today. The way information travels in such a disjointed and fractured manner, hitting dead ends on some paths, gaining traction and speed on other trails, and jumping channels all over the place. Often the original content transforms such that the initial source, intention and meaning have become completely obscured or even misappropriated. And forget about ever having an “end” product.

I saw this on Twitter today: “How to Measure Social Media PR” By Edelman Digital.The piece is all about how to best track how your brand or idea traverses networks, becoming amplified (or not), and identifying the major influencers in any network based on contextualized algorithms. Good for PR, I suppose, but I’m also thinking, “GREAT for research!” Or at least, well worth trying these FREE tools out!

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