Yahoo turmoil – again

I found the Yahoo ruckus interesting. The CEO was fired — just a couple years after she was hired to replace that last guy they let go — for the same reasons. Yahoo, it seems, is having some trouble coming up with a viable plan going forward. Still no plan, as far as I can tell. Poor Yahoo. Just a few years ago the company turned down $33 a share from Microsoft. Today it’s trading at around $13. Oopsie! Interestingly, the CEO had negotiated a deal with Microsoft to turn over its search business. I was curious about that — and here maybe people who know more about the specifics of this situation might weigh in — since I understand that search ad revenue accounts for about half of the total revenues online. Why give up that kind of lucrative stream?

(As a quick aside, I just loved her farewell email to people about the whole thing, stating in a no-nonsense way that she was fired over the phone. Refreshing. Rather than the typical “I’m leaving to spend more time with my family” line.”)

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