Fiery crash-video postings raise ethical questions to ponder

Terrible news today on Sports Illustrated and ESPN, and it got me thinking about the ethics of the situation:

So would you as an editor have published the video of the fiery race-car crash in which Dan Wheldon passed away today?
Or just a still photo of the fire, no video link.
Or a photo of the man, alive and winning races?
Or some other solution?

I would have gone with the still photo of the fire with no video link, figuring the following:

  • People could surely access it elsewhere if they really wanted to see it;
  • There was no real news-y reason for the entire video to be shown;
  • And it seemed a bit gratuitous.

On the other hand, the footage is dramatic and DOES show how the heck something so terrible, involving so many cars, could happen.

What do others think?

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