edUtopia Wisconsin site launched!

It’s finally done: The website called edUtopia Wisconsin that Steve Walters, I and our beginning newswriting students have been working on. Check it out:

Here’s what I wrote on the About page and, as I think it sums up what I was trying to say pretty well, I repeat it here:

edUtopia Wisconsin is a collaborative final project for 30 students enrolled in Intermediate Reporting in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Instead of rehashing the problems facing Wisconsin’s educational system—both K-12 and higher education, this project seeks to advance the conversations happening in society in order to provide fodder for a dialogue about possible solutions. For these pieces, students researched and investigated the existing challenges, interviewed more than 100 experts, teachers, principals, superintendents, parents and students, and brainstormed solutions to these problems.

Many of the stories highlight innovative and forward-thinking programs and initiatives throughout the state; some pose a conversation about the ideal. In four topical areas — Education CostsToday’s Student, the Utopian Classroom and Benchmarks— this website offers a positive frame for rejuvenating and improving the academic life of our children. In our Project Blog, you will find student thoughts on the whole process as well as material we could not fit in the stories. Students Rebecca Smith and Vince Huth, both Class of 2013, served as our incredible Webmasters.

Led by Professor Sue Robinson and WisconsinEye Senior Producer Steven Walters, the students include:

Christian Medina Beltz
Alison Dirr
Brock Fritz
Kristen Kukowski
Jay Olle
Alexandria Rodriquez
Stefanie Schmidbauer
Rebecca Smith
Mai Vang
Ana Will
Alicia Wolff
Adam Wollner
Jake Wolter

Kevin Boettcher
Corinne Burgermeister
Sherree Burruss
Stacy Day
Julia Eagleburger
Kelly Erickson
Sarah Henry
Vince Huth
Douglas Ingels
Kathryn Johnson
Ethan Krupp
Leah Linsheid
Devin Mulertt
Mallory Warner

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact either Robinson ( or Walters ( If you have comments, we’d love to hear from you in any of the commenting sections provided under the stories. If you like it, please share the url ( with others via Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, your blog or any other social-media platform!

I think the students did a wonderful job! Congratulations!!

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