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It’s all in the details!

The recent coverage of the 911 anniversary was prolific to say the least, and some, I know, do not understand the media’s fascination with anniversaries. But I always love a good anniversary, and spent a good chunk of my Sunday, Sept. 11, glued to the television. I pulled out a couple pieces for my news producing students to take a gander at, and sent them out on our listserve. Thought I’d share here as well:

1) This Nation piece is important for journalism students to read because it really gets at something significant about humanity. It’s not just another memorial piece or article about the anniversary coverage. It delves deep into our feelings about suicide and death and honor. It delves into our societal values.

Do note the incredible details the report got here, as in this sentence: “Richard used to look at the postings and the photographs on the internet and sometimes wondered if Karen had jumped. She was very vain and particular about her face, he knew; she used plenty of wrinkle cream, and he always figured if conditions were that bad she would jump rather than face the fires.”

2) And also, check out the images here at the NYT of the memorial ceremony. Study the photographs. Note how they show emotion and perspective. Note how they focus on a specific subjects despite the mass crowds and chaos of the day.

If you are interested in following some of this, we have a twitter hashtag at #jprotrack.

911 Anniversary

Hoping people are watching the 911 anniversary coverage today.
Always interesting to see how the journalists remember — and how they ask the nation to remember — during major anniversaries such as this. The re-remembering that happens is especially important to note. Research has shown that the journalists’ constant self reflexivity is a way to give them authority to tell and retell this story. Their “I-was-there!” sharing is an important part of the grieving ritual, a way to help the country move from victim to survivor.