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You may call me “Custodian of Order”

I’ve been thinking about the science of tagging. I believe that to tag one’s posts well is to full utilize the power of the semantic web. But how to do it well?

Research shows that even if people do not think in the exact same patterns, a collective agreement on common categories can emerge. The problem for the “custodian of order” (don’t you just love this term and, more importantly, want to think of yourself as one in all parts of your life?) is being privy to groupthink. Which I am not. Heck, I search in a different manner every time I go to the same website. WordPress suggests one use no more than 5-10 categories or tags. I could never limit myself that much.What’s the point in grouping hundreds of content entries into just a few chapters?

Since I never know what kind of search mood I might be in at any given time, I’d prefer to tag in both general and specific categorical actions (ie. both social media as a broad term and Twitter as a singular one). That way I’m covered.