J335 SoundSlides Assignment

Please go to a community-based event or festival or develop a story idea that involves a discrete happening (such as a cooking lesson, a retreat, firefighter training, interesting job activity or some such). Remember that you need to choose something that is going to be visually and aurally interesting (in other words, do not plan on doing a speech or a lecture or something that we cannot experience best in multimedia!! So, going to a book release, for example, would be boring. Help yourself out and think ahead about the kinds of photos you might be able to get out of this event!) Then, report and produce a multimedia project. Your goal here is to be very very specific to one single experience. You should aim on having at least one character who ties the project together. There should be a beginning, a middle and an end. Please note that you MUST use concepts of story and journalism in crafting this piece; this will by far be the most weighty part of your grade.


n    Audio: At least one minute audio (with some ambient sound and one interview) (MAX: 1:30. THIS IS A HARD, NO NEGOTIATION TIME LIMIT)


You will be graded on:

v The audio is interesting and tells a coherent story.

v The audio sounds clear, and the quality is good.

v The length is between 1 and 1:30 minutes.

v You use only original material


n    Photo: At least 20 publishable photos with cutlines. (The general rule is 20 photos per one minute of audio)


You will be graded on:

v    You shoot specifically for this story only.

v    You have your 20 best photos, paced appropriately.

v    You avoid redundancy.

v    The photos must be cropped and toned. Rotate if necessary.

v     All photos must be saved as JPGs.

v    You are permitted to crop and adjust levels.

v     You are NOT permitted to erase anything from any photo.

v     You are NOT permitted to add anything to any photo.

v     DO NOT apply any Photoshop filters. None.

v    The composition and framing is reasonably good.

v    You have a wide selection of shots.



***** At least three-quarters of your photos and audio MUST be original, taken by you. All other photos or audio must have appropriate sourcing and abide by copyright laws (which we have gone over). This means you cannot copy and paste from websites without permission!!!!! Illegal use of photos or audio will result in a failing grade. See mediatrope for a list of websites with images in the public domain.



n    The two together in a SoundSlides Project

The rule of thumb is ABOUT 5 seconds of audio per photo. Thus the number you need depends on your audio. Too few = boring (and audience gets annoyed). Too many = photos change too quickly (and audience gets annoyed). Remember: You must edit the audio to your desired length BEFORE you import it into a Soundslides.


You will be graded on:

v    You have a story with a beginning that helps the audience understand immediately what the story is. A story has an ending that feels like a proper conclusion.

v    Do you have a character? The best stories center on a character. The audience comes to understand the character. Through that understanding, the audience learns about a situation, an event, a way of being, a way of life, an experience.

v    Focus the story on a single, clearly defined aspect of life.

v    It is interesting and tells a coherent story.

v    The audio sounds clear, and the quality is good.

v    The photos match well with the audio as the Soundslides is playing.

v    Every photo has an appropriate caption in the Soundslides, and there are no errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation; also, no factual errors. You must provide the full name (with correct spelling) of each person in each photo (unless in a crowd)!

v    Has an appropriate headline AND credits. Do not leave the “Headline here” captions that will show up.


n    An interactivity idea. This will be the interactivity portion of your project where we start thinking about how to best engage with audiences. Please send this in an email to me.


Confused? Check out these examples for the kind of thing I am looking for:






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