Project Two

J880: Project II

Due Wed. Nov. 7

Fall 2012



The next project should be done based on a specialty you are particularly interested in, perhaps a beat you would like to have once you get your first job.


2) PROFILE, TREND or ISSUE — Project II (25 percent):

n      Text (300-500 words)

n      SoundSlides Project (20 photos with cutlines and 1-2.5 minutes of audio including ambient sound, voice over and interview) OR Video (30 sec – 2.5 minutes)

n      An expanded Interactivity Proposal

Project II due November 7


This piece should attempt to move beyond doing an event and try to get across a profile, issue or trend story, preferably on your specialty if possible. Remember that you need to choose something that is going to be visually interesting (in other words, do not plan on doing a speech or a lecture or something that we cannot experience best in multimedia!!) Then, report and produce a multimedia project with some accompanying text. You should be thinking about each of these next two projects as cohesive projects, where the multimedia and interactivity complement the text and vice versa. Remember “write for the ear, shoot for the eye” principles. The text should introduce the story (including its significance), and give some context and facts that you can’t get across in the multimedia. The multimedia should be the part of this package that exemplifies the story in some way. For example, if your beat were public safety, you might have a text about the proposed 2009 police budget and then a multimedia component that shows the need for more cops from the perspective of the police.


Text (10 percent)

You will be graded on:


v You have at least ONE source, and that person is cited and named. This person can be the same person as in your multimedia.

v You have that person’s contact information for me.

v It relays a focus of the story package.

v It relays a STORY or THEME or FOCUS.

v It does not repeat your multimedia.

v Note that this part is only 10 percent of your grade. I want you to get used to the idea that this is about package journalism, and be able to tie your separate components together.

v Please note the percentage weight of this part of the assignment. You should be spending most of your time on the multimedia.


MULTIMEDIA (75 percent)


You will be graded on:


v The audio is interesting and tells a coherent story.

v The audio sounds clear, and the quality is good.

v The length is between 2-3 minutes.

v You use only original material (no music or sound effects).

v You shoot specifically for this story only

v You have at least 30 photos.

v You avoid redundancy.

v The photos must be cropped and toned. Rotate if necessary.

v  All photos must be saved as JPGs.

v  All photos must have a resolution of 72 ppi.

v You are permitted to crop, adjust levels, dodge and burn.

v  You are NOT permitted to erase anything from any photo.

v  You are NOT permitted to add anything to any photo.

v  DO NOT apply any Photoshop filters. None.

v The composition is reasonably good.

v You have a story with a beginning that helps the audience understand immediately what the story is. A story has an ending that feels like a proper conclusion.

v   Do you have a character? The best stories center on a character. The audience comes to understand the character. Through that understanding, the audience learns about a situation, an event, a way of being, a way of life, an experience.

v    Focus the story on a single, clearly defined aspect of your topic, issue or profile.

v It is interesting and tells a coherent story.

v The audio sounds clear, and the quality is good.

v The photos match well with the audio.

v The photos are not redundant, and there is a good mix of detail, close, medium and wide shots.

v Every photo has an appropriate caption, and there are no errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation; also, no factual errors. You must provide the full name (with correct spelling) of each major person, especially those who are speaking!

v Has an appropriate headline AND credits.





You will be graded on:


v The video expressed clearly at the beginning the goal or objective of the report.

v All titles and credits are accurate, legible and draw the viewer’s attention.

v All facts and information presented was accurate & complete.

v Your audio is clear and well done.

v Video did not rock/shake and the focus was excellent throughout

v Many different “takes”, camera angles, sound effects, and/or careful use of zoom provided variety in the video. Remember you can intersperse still photos with your video.

v The video’s sound was sufficiently loud and clear at all times.

v The video was well conceived and shows good organization of the content.



Interactivity Idea (15 percent)

You will be graded on:


v An interactivity IDEA with a plan for implementing it (think Q/A with readers, a wiki entry, a forum topic, a database, or a blog off your topic but hopefully something more significant and innovated than these).

v Must engage with audiences. In other words, this must be a way for audiences either to manipulate content significantly (beyond linking or stopping and starting); this might include playing a game for example, OR to input content directly.

v You must have the germ of an idea here, meaning that if you suggest, for example, a blog, I want to see the blog “About This Blog” summary as well as a sample of a first entry.

Project II due Nov. 7


Confused? Check out these examples for the kind of thing I am looking for:

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